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TRS UK – Alloy wheel polishing, repairs, Nuts and Bolts | Alloy wheel buckle crack repair. Welding and straightening
TRS UK repairs damaged alloy wheels. Wheel welding and straightening
alloy wheel repairs, alloy wheel welding, alloy wheel straightening
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Severe Damage Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy Wheel Straightening, Alloy Wheel Welding
alloy wheel welding, wheel straightening
How is it done?

Sometimes we get a real challenge come our way. Our very talented welder relishes the chance to push the limits of what can be repaired.

As you can see this Mercedes alloy wheel has definitely seen better days, but after the best part of a days work it is not looking bad and after a refurbishment it will be “almost” as good as new.

Combining straightening and welding techniques the massive split is pulled together first. Then the crack is clean up ready to weld. After this welding more straightening is required to take out the buckle and then the final reshaping is done.