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alloy wheel buckle straightening and repair by TRS UK
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PT Cruiser Alloy Wheel Buckle repair

Alloy Wheel Straightening
alloy wheel repaired, Alloy wheel straightening, buckled alloy wheel repair
How is it done?

This is a recent repair job to straighten a Chrysler PT Cruiser alloy wheel. As you can see there is quite a heavy buckle on the face of the wheel and another on the rear of the rim.

This is fairly typical in terms of damage and we were able to repair for the customer on the same day he brought it into us. He was very happy as he had thought he would need to purchase a new alloy wheel and it would cost him £150 or more. We did the repair for £65.

We also cleared up some corrosion on the inside of the rim which will help when the tyres are refitted.

If you have damaged alloy wheels and want to know more about our service check out our site for more information or give us a call.

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