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TRS UK – Alloy wheel polishing, repairs, Nuts and Bolts | Porsche 997 CS2 Lobster claw alloy wheels. Ceramic Polished
alloy wheel vibro ceramic polishing by TRS UK
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Porsche 997 CS2 Lobster Claw Alloy Wheel Ceramic Polished

Ceramic Polishing
alloy wheel polishing, ceramic polishing, polished alloy wheels
How is it done?

These Porsche 997 lobster claw alloy wheels turned out really well after going through TRS UK’s vibro polishing process.

As always we started off by completely striping the paint and lacquer back to bare ali. Then some hand prep to get them ready for the ceramic polishing process in our rumbling machines.

The end result is nothing short of stunning.

If you are looking to get your own wheels polished check out our website for more info or get in touch.

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