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TRS UK – Alloy wheel polishing, repairs, Nuts and Bolts | TRS UK specialise in alloy wheel polishing using ceramic polishing to get a full surface polished finish
Using ceramic polishing to get a full surface polished finish for alloy wheels TRS UK off a nation wide service.
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ceramic polishing

Ceramic Polishing in action

The Process

Ceramic Polishing is a time intensive process with multiple stages to achieve the absolute highest quality results.

Before the wheel gets near the polishing machines we need to totally strip it of any paint, lacquer and dirt back to bare aluminium and make sure that it is 100% clean. Then by hand we prepare the wheel, removing blemishes and rubbing down the entire surface.

Now the polishing can commence. This is a 3 stage process moving through varying grades of ceramic polishing media. Each stage takes approx 2 hours and through it all we apply our own uniquely formulated polishing chemical to maximise the end result.

The Finish

After all the prep and polishing the end result is a highly polishing mirror finish.

At this point there are 2 options and it depends on what the wheels are going to be used for. If they are on a show car that spends most of its time stored the wheel can be left as bare ali and simply waxed. This means that the wheels are delicate and prone to environment conditions and need a lot of attention.

If the wheels are going to be used for day to day driving then it is by far the wisest option to lacquer them. This does diminish the mirror polish a fraction however the lacquer is hard wearing and will protect the wheels against every day wear and tear.

See Our Pricing

One Piece Wheels

One piece wheels are the most common type of alloy fitted to cars by the manufacturer. As the name suggests these are wheels made from a single piece of aluminium.

Polishing cost per wheel from


Split Rims

2 and 3 piece wheels are more time consuming than the usual 1 piece alloys. These need splitting before we can start work on the polishing process and of course rebuilding once the polishing is complete.

Polishing cost per from


Please note that the above price is a guideline and this type of work varies from wheel to wheel.

Non Alloy wheel Polishing

TRS UK are able to polish other small components, eg parts from motorbikes etc.

There is no set price structure for this work and we can only quote job by job. If you have something you would like to get polished send us a picture and details via the quote form.

Example  opposite is a motorbike engine case.


The prices above are for guidance only. We try to keep pricing as straight forward as possible and in most cases the guide price is correct, however ceramic polishing is a bespoke service and different wheels may require more than the standard amount of prep or polishing.

Send us a info and a picture of your wheel for a quote

Not Local, no problem

Using City Link Couriers we do work for people up & down the UK