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Author: trsuk

16 Jul Ceramic Polishing at TRS UK – Polished Alloy Wheels

[vc_separator type='normal' position='center' color='#cfcfcf' thickness='' up='' down=''] A video clip showing a time lapsed process of the ceramic polishing in action. [action full_width='' content_in_grid='yes' type='normal' icon='' icon_size='' icon_color='' custom_icon='' background_color='' border_color='' show_button='yes' button_text='More info' button_link='' button_target='_self' button_text_color='' button_hover_text_color='' button_background_color='' button_hover_background_color='' button_border_color='' button_hover_border_color=''] Get more info about our ceramic...

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15 Jul Welcome to TRS UK

Thanks for visiting TRS UK - We specialise in the repair of buckled and cracked alloy wheels. We also offer a ceramic polishing service and we sell a wide range of alloy wheel accessories including nuts, Bolts, spacers, spigot rings and much more. Check out our...

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