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Wheel welding services

Wheel welding

Using only high grade ali welding rods our skilled Zurich assured TIG welder is able to repair the vast majority of cracks.

The Process

We always start with an assessment of the wheel to make sure we are certain of the the damage. Sometimes cracks are accompanied by a buckle and this will be fixed first. Then the area around the crack will be ground down and cleaned up and the repair can be done.

Neat & Tidy

We take great pride in our work and will always leave the repair as neat as possible (no unsightly weld bulbs) and we are aware that in many cases the wheels will be getting refurbished and we want the refurbers to be able to go straight to work on repainting.

Judge for yourself

Pull the slider arrows left and right to view before & after images of a wheel that came to us for welding repairs.


Typical Damage

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Face Damage

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Severe Damage

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The prices above are for guidance only. We try to keep pricing as straight forward as possible and in most cases the guide price is correct, however ceramic polishing is a bespoke service and different wheels may require more than the standard amount of prep or polishing.