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Wheel straightening services

Wheel Straightening

Using a combination of specialised electro-mechanical machinery and heat, we are able to reshape most buckled alloy wheels.

The Process

We heat up the area around the buckle and then apply pressure to the wheel to get it back into a true shape. Our machine is sensitively calibrated and we can reform the wheel back to a satisfactory standard.

Vibration Free

We then spin the wheels up on a balancer to make sure that they are ready and road worthy.

We are able to fit and balance tyres if required.

Judge for yourself

Pull the slider arrows left and right to view before & after images of a wheel that came to us for straightening repairs.


Typical Pot Hole Damage

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Face Buckle

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The prices above are for guidance only. We try to keep pricing as straight forward as possible and in most cases the guide price is correct, however ceramic polishing is a bespoke service and different wheels may require more than the standard amount of prep or polishing.